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What has made Geek the new cool ?

geek tattooIt has become more apparent n recent times that geek has become he new ‘cool’ but when and why did this happen? What has made Geek the new cool ?

Was it the release of the Playstation when computers became more for adults than kids? Or when the late Steve Jobs catapulted the smart phone age with the IPhone? Bill Gates with Microsoft? Mark Zuckerburg changing the way we live and share our lives, making himself millions in the process?


What is a geek by definition?

When I think of geeks I think thick rimmed glasses, locking themselves in front of a laptop and barely socialising, the reality is now it can span a raft of things, science, computers, maths, literature, tv, magazines and computer games, which ever way you look at it ‘geeks’ are leading the future with pivotal changes to the way we live our lives thereby making it apparent that ‘geeks’ are very cool. What has made Geek the new cool  ?

Geek girl

The Internet as I see it is the bible and the rise of the ‘geek chic’ where would we be without checking online what time a showing of a film is on at the cinema, transferring money online to you card to pay for tickets or ordering them online, checking online for any traffic disruptions, booking a table at the restaurant next door online for after and then facebooking your friends telling them where u are when u get there. None of this wouldnt have been possible without the beloved geeks aiming to use their knowledge to help others and make a change to our technological evolution.


emailRevolutionised the way we work, communicate and live.

It opened up an instant and free way for all of us to keep in touch now matter where in the world u are. Imagine for a minute if being able to e-mail just disappeared, what would be the consequences? Honestly just think about it for a second…….. Scary isn’t it!


The google brothers, brought what was needed to the internet, before them u needed to know a full web address before getting there until google came along.

google brothers

The actually do a lot more than people realise, with their google spiders and google bots that crawl over websites and dependant on keywords, links etc they can catapult a site to the 1st page and the top when u search for something or drop a site tothe bottom of the list.
Also have you seen their office! Just google it!

Where would we be without Facebook? ‘like’ it or hate it, its here and will only get bigger! People are now talking with people all over the world and is even now stepping on ebays toes with its selling pages! I think geek wars will ensue on that one!


Once upon a time all apple were known for was a name war with the Beatles!


Now an apple a day is more like an apple of every minute of the day! iPod, iPad, iPhone, MacBooks and apple tv are now by far the thing to have.

I have spent many of hours in Bejeweled wars on Facebook or bopping along to music on my iPhone whilst flinging angry birds and I know I’m not the only one!

I’m proud to admit I’m a geek and do not in any way try to hide it! Geeks have made a big difference in aspect of our lives and for me I can only see it getting better.

Join the geek revolution and admit that we are all geeks in one way or another . Right I have a date with some diamonds that are dashing on my iPad……. so is geek the new cool

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