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Motherboard Repair

Motherboard Repair Leyland Preston, Main board Circuit Board Repair Specialists Preston

motherboard-repairWelcome to Laptop Repair Leyland motherboard repair service.

Based in leyland we are an efficient and friendly nationwide Laptop and computer and motherboard and circuit board repair service.

We’re dedicated to deliver a quick and efficient service to resolve all kinds of technical and electronic problems that your desktop Laptop PC motherboard experiences.

Motherboard repair has a set cost of £59.99 (if no parts are required).

CALL 01772 304704

Does your computer display any of the following symptoms

  • Every time, when you turn off your PC, its settings, especially data, time, Basic Input / Output settings (BIOS) are lost.
  • Computer Laptop randomly crashes or restarts.
  • When the laptop / computer is starting, you hear beeping sounds.
  • Laptop not turning on even when you press the power button.
  • Mouse and keyboard stop responding or not working correctly.
  • Laptop turns on as usual no sign of life on your monitor or screen.
  • Specific error messages are displayed during the start-up process.

Motherboard Repair What is it?

Laptops have one main circuit board which is the most important part of your computer, if this part is damaged it can make your computer worthless.

If you went to PC World, Curry’s or any of the big cats they would charge you £225.00 to replace this main circuit board also know as the motherboard.

We are the only company who do motherboard repair Leyland and the Preston area.

What’s The Charge For Motherboard Repair? 

Here at Laptop Repair Leyland we don’t replace these motherboards, we find and repair the problem saving you up to 75% of nornal repair prices.

Power sockets also know as D/C jacks, are replaced for £49.99 and we warranty the work for 3 months. Other motherboard issues such as Graphics chips, damaged USB port, headphone socket damage or completely dead laptops, would be charged at £59.99 with a 3-6 months warranty.

There is a £10.00 dismantling fee when booking a computer in for a motherboard repair, this is none refundable but will be taken off the overall price if repaired, this is charged because stripping and rebuilding takes around 4 hours. The £10.00 covers the cost of time lost in the event we cannot repair a certain motherboard.

How Long Will My Motherboard Repair Take?

Most of the jobs carried out by Laptop Repair Leyland are done within 8 hour Yes you heard right 8 hours!.

Most of our customers are shocked when we tell them their machines will be back with them the same day, If we have to order parts for a certain computer this can delay things by up to 48 hrs, 90% of motherboard repairs are done within the same day.

If you wish to extend your warranty from 3 to 12 months we can do this for an extra £25.00.

If you wish to speak to someone regarding your laptop please get in contact with us our friendly team are always happy to help with any computer issues.

Most computer shops will replace the motherboard costing you hundreds. Here at laptop repair leyland we repair motherboards saving you a fortune. We repair motherboards and can have your laptop desktop PC back up and running in next to no time.

Power Socket Replacement DC Jack Replacement

loose power sockets dc sockets , not charging, broken USB’s, beeps, lines on screen,faulty mouse,keys not working properly are just some of the symptoms of a faulty motherboard.

If you wish to speak to someone regarding your computer and motherboard repair, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Motherboard repair has a set cost of £59.99 (if no parts are required).

CALL 01772 304704

As well as computer hardware and motherboard repair Preston we also repair many other electrical components such as sat navs t.v’s, DVD players, Xbox 360′s, PlayStation, Nintendo Wii.

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