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Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair and Computer Repair leyland, Laptop Repair Specialists

Virus removal spyware and ad ware removal

laptop running slow, crashing more often, freezing, pop ups loss of internet connection ?.

laptop repair Leyland we can remove most viruses and correct the damage that the virus has caused the best way to completly remove is to format the Hard drive on your laptop then reinstall Windows.

Formatting the drive looses all data on the hard drive, before we attempt to format the hard drive  we backup all of your important data photo’s,movies,doc’s etc we then re install your data back on to the hard drive after we have corrected all the problems once this has been done your laptop should be as fast as it was purchased.

If the virus has damaged the laptops hard drive and you need to replace the hard drive we can re install all the windows software that came with your machine as long as the original CD key is attached to the bottom of the laptop.

After we have cleared your machine of viruses we will the find the best anti-virus for your laptop, you do not have to purchase we only advise on the different anti-viruses Virus Removal from £29.99

Want to know what a virus is ? find out what is a virus ?


Laptop Repair, we can repair all aspects of laptops we are No 1 in leyland

hard drive laptop repair prestonHard drive faults Usually if your laptop has been bashed knocked or dropped while being turned on you may start to experience problems

Hard Drive Fault Symptoms hard drive making louder sounds, being very slow to open documents files etc ,freezes,none boot or not shutting down and software starts to crash more.

If this is the case we will try to rectify the problem and repair, in most cases you will need the hard drive to be replaced if this is the case we will recover what data we can and replace the hard drive with a new one then transfer.


DVD CD drive laptop repairDVD/CD ROM drive fault :  You might experience trouble from time to time. dvd/cd rom failer causes the computer to not read disc’s sometimes it could be that it needs a good clean, more than often you need to replace the drive.

It’s always good to send it to us if your laptop is not reading discs as it might not be the disc drive thats the problem.

It could be the hard drive connector or a motherboard fault if we find that it is a motherboard or connector fault we will carry out the repair only after informing you.If we find to to be the DVD/CD drive we will replace the drive with an exact replacement. Drive fitting is a fixed price of £10.00 + cost of the drive.

laptop repair prestonBroken Plastics, Missing parts, Broken hinges This might not change the way your laptop preforms but missing parts cracked plastics missing screws can lead to problems further on down the line, also makes your laptop look a mess.

We can source most laptop plastics and have a good supplier of both brand new laptop plastics and second hand plastics (please not we only replace with A+ second hand condition plastics from suppliers)

If you have suffered hinge problems we can replace the hinges , usually they come in pairs but we have a huge collection of hinges so you may need to only pay for one , if we don’t have a spare just like socks you will have to buy the pair!

keyboard_laptop repair_prestonKeyboard touchpad mouse pad Quick Button Faults : The only time a keyboard starts to fail is when there has been fluid spilt on the keys or has been use excessively.

If your keys are starting to not respond to certain actions theis could be the start of a keyboard failier.The only way to fix this problem is to replace the keyboard.On very rare Occasionally faults on the motherboard may prevent the keyboard to stop working properly.

We will need to see the laptop if the keyboard needs replaced so we can make sure to get the exact keyboard for your model of laptop keyboard prices vary but to refit your keyboard will only cost £15.00 fixed price

The cost  of plastics for makes and models vary but plastic fitting will only cost £15-£35 + plastics depending on the plastics needing to be changed. Mouse pads sometimes fail or may start to become a bit sluggish these also can be replaced quite cheaply fitting fee on a mouse pad is £25.00+ mouse pad

cracked screen laptop repair prestonCracked screen, dark screen, Screen Faults The price of laptop screens has come down in the last few years and are now at an affordable price.

There are many different faults that you may have with your screen sometimes the laptop does not need the screen replaced if you notice that it has gone dark it may be just the screen controller (laptop inverter) that has become faulty,

If the screen keeps freezing or coming up with squares or showing lines this maybe a motherboard problem (graphics chip problem) and nothing to do with the screen cable or inverter.

If your screen needs replaced fitting fee for this is £20.00 + price of the screen screen warranty is for 12 months

Motherboard laptop repair prestonMotherboard faults : Laptops have one main circuit board on this main board (Laptop Motherboard) you have all the main components from USB controllers graphics controllers etc everything you use on a laptop is connected to this board in some way.

Quite often this is the number one thing to go wrong with a laptop around 90% of computer shops will charge you for a new motherboard, in fact PC World will charge you £225.00 and up to replace this board,

We repair motherboards, so if a computer shop has turned you away or you thought their prices were to steep , give us a call, all motherboard repairs are charged at £59.99 and come with a 3-6 months warranty

DC JACK laptop repair PRESTONFaulty DC Jack, D/C Socket, Power connector : this is classed as a motherboard fault but it is so common that this part becomes faulty it now has its own catogorie!, when there’s any type of fault with the dc socket we like to replace the D/C Jack.

If you are suffering no power,flickering power switch or you have to hold your power cable in a certain way a D/C Socket replacement could be on the cards,this repair is fixed price and includes the replacement D/C Socket.

We replace D/C Sockets for £49.99 with 12 month warranty.


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