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Apple Repairs

Apple Repair Leyland Mac Ipod Iphone Ipad Repair Leyland Apple Repair Preston.

Apple Repairs PrestonSome people say that Apple Products are more expensive to repair than standard computers, when in fact with more demand for apple product these days they has been an increase of more affordable parts.

Apple Mac’s, Apple Mac Pro Laptops Require slightly more time to repair this is true but the parts for apple have come down in price and are now at affordable prices based in Leyland Preston we can have your apple mac repair done within 24hrs or same day apple ipad repair leyland is done the         —-  same day


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we understand that you’ve already spent a lot of money for your apple product and that you need to find someone who can repair your Apple quickly and at a cost that doesn’t break the bank.Here at laptop repair leyland we are apple mac crazy and can repair all apple products down to component level.

Apple repair to us are like fixing any other type of computer they just take a little more time to repair we preform apple repairs at competitive prices.

We can repair all apple products from ipod repair, apple mac pro repair, ipad repair, and also iphones.


IPad Repair Leyland – Screen Repairs fixed price £39.99 Repair Time 1 Hour.

Apple Repairs Preston



IPad screen repair can be done same day within 3hrs normal turn around time for an ipad screen repair is 24-48rs.

We can repair all types of touch screen devices such as iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 Repairs cost just £49.99 to repair ipad mini ipad mini at the moment will cost £89.99 to repair due to it only being launched in the last few months. click here for more information on ipad repair Leyland

iPhone screen repair leyland – iphone screens varies in price from: iPhone 4 4s  £34.99-£49.99,  iPhone 5 £89.99, iPhone 3 £45.99, iphone 2 or 1 forget it not worth repairing due to the cost being higher than buying a second hand one off eBay.

Apple repair Mac Repairs Preston – Software repairs from £29.99 this includes re installs repair time 3 hrs.

We work with apples mac’s day to day, and have worked repairing apples for around 6-7 years. All apple mac software can be repaired within a couple of hours. reinstall or upgrades take a matter of a few hours so you will have your apple macs restored and back to you the same day.

Apple repair mac Laptop motherboard repair Preston – Hardware Repairs from £25.00 repair time 4hrs.

The most common thing to go wrong, and the most expensive thing to go wrong with any laptop motherboard is the graphics chip in 99% of cases no parts are needed or should i say very expensive are needed to carry out hardware repairs on apple mac’s  to repair, if you suffer screen flickers, boot up to black screen, hearing chimes but no display chances are your your board needs attention.

Call today for a quote on how much your apple product will cost to repair.

on 01772 304704.

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